We are not just Online we are Interactive

Stamfordies is redefining & contriving new approaches and methodologies in the Online Education Systems. Stamfordies has entered the market with a broader vision of making the online education more signified in all respects. Registered under section 1115 of Companies Act 2006 United Kingdom, Stamfordies kept working diligently for improving the standards of Online Education and Distant Learning, and at the verge of 2010 it finally got a breakthrough in revolutionizing the E-Learning forever. The Interactive Education System concocted by Stamfordies R&D Department, has the ability to conduct an online session in a lively and interactive manner (EXPLAINED IN IES Revolution). Stamfordies provides Quality E-Learning, Online Education, Distant Learning, Staff Training Services and other Telecommunication & Internet Services well embedded with latest technologies and software. With its Revolutionary IES Technology and Quality Services, Stamfordies stands tall in all online and E-Learning Fields.

Distinguishing Factors: TOP

Stamfordies gives special attention to its students that is why Study Material,Technical Support &many costly software are provided to the students free of cost but with a condition that the software provided by the organization will be used only for lab & practicing purposes. Another factor which clearly distinguishes Stamfordies from other Online Institutions is that every individual student is counseled and guided with the intent of prospering their career. As described in Registration Tab, every course offered by Stamfordies has 3 Credit hours, which actually means 3 Hours Session per week, but while keeping in mind the quality assurance culture of the Institute an extra session of 1 Hour and 30 Minutes is conducted for Student Counseling and Discussion. So these 4.5 Hours are divided into 3, Hour and 30 minutes long lively sessions. That's not all, an authentic certificate acknowledging your efforts and enhanced abilities, is awarded to the graduating students.

Departments: TOP

Stamfordies has been divided into several Departments like Finance Department, Administration Department, Technical Support Department, Operations Departments, Education Department and Research & Development (R & D) Department.

Education Department: TOP

Education and R & D Departments are shrewdly linked to promise High Standards and Quality.Education Department consists of Faculty members holding Masters and Doctorate Degrees from Reputed Universities of the World. While IES makes sure that Veteran Knowledge of our able faculty members is delivered to the students in a LIVELY and INTERACTIVE way.

Research and Development Department: TOP

R& D Department of Stamfordies with its team of Professional and Intelligent Researchersis determined to improve the services provided by the company. Unlike any other Educational Institute, Stamfordies' both R & D and Education Department are wisely interlinked with each other to improve the standards of the services.

Services: TOP

Stamfordies is a relatedly Diversified Organization. It provides a number of Online, Internet and Telecommunication Services. The major Services provided by Stamfordies are;

  • Interactive Education System (E- Learning Services)
  • Corporate Training Services (E-Training Services)
  • Technical Support Services (E-Support Services)
  • Telecommunication Services (IVR Server Configuration and Development)
  • Web Hosting, Web Designing& Web Content Services

Clients: TOP

Stamfordies is providing its quality services to a number of companies, individuals and students. While utilizing the latest Customer Care Techniques, our individual and Corporate Clients are dealt with same respect and attention. Stamfordies is satisfying its customers and clients all over the world with quality services.

Offices: TOP

Stamfordies is an Online Organization. It is working in many different countries simultaneously. However, Its Head Office is in England (UK), while other Offices are situated in Australia, Saudi Arabia and USA. But being an Online Organization our services are not confined to a single geographical distribution.